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Server IP's

Joebama Web AdminHead Mod$ posted May 27, 17  -  Server Update

You can now connect to our server via ANY of the following IPs!

And of course you can still connect to the server with the old IP:

polishorr Trial ModLT$ Woo, nice snag!


polishorr Trial ModLT$ posted Jun 11, 17

The server is now updated to Minecraft 1.12!

You will need to be in this mode to successfully join the server! For instructions on how to use 1.12, see my past post <3

Art Contest Winners

Joebama Web AdminHead Mod$ posted May 29, 17  -  Art Contest

Hello! Our staff and judges have come to a conclusion about the winners of the Art Contest! We had a lot of good submission this year, and I'd like to thank everyone that submitted an art piece!

3rd:  KristalMeth

2nd: DariaFireStar

And finally, the winner of this year's Art Contest is: 

1st: mooshroom44444

Art Contest

Joebama Web AdminHead Mod$ posted May 27, 17

The Art Contest has now been closed! Thanks for all those that submitted wonderful art, we will let the judges decide the winners and make another announcement when we have a winner! Good luck guys!


- Website Admin -

~ Head Moderator ~

(Any art submitted after this post will not be accepted.)

2017 Art Contest!

Joebama Web AdminHead Mod$ posted May 6, 17  -  Art Contest

-UPDATE- We will be moving the deadline back to 5/27/17 to allow more users to start and finish artwork, as well as allowing more players to see this competition. If you feel like you would like to work on the art piece you have already submitted because of the longer deadline, just do /mail send Joebama in-game and let me know, ill happily unsubmit your application for you to do more work :). Thanks for your understanding guys! ~ Joe

Hello guys! I would like to announce the second installment of our Server Art Contest! We have a couple of rules you have to follow, other than that any style is accepted as long as it is related to our theme! (Warrior Cats). Good Luck!

-+- Rules -+-


All artwork submitted must be original, if it is found to be copied you will receive punishments.

These rules are subject to change at any time before the cut-off date.

-+- How to Submit Artwork -+-

Click on the Art Contest tab on the top menu bar of the website.

Fill out the form.


-+- What do the winners get? -+-

We will be determining the top 3 art pieces submitted.

You will receive an award and a tag on the website.

You MIGHT receive a suffix on the server designating your place in the art contest. (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

Good luck guys!


- Website Admin -

~ Head Moderator ~

smolboog *Submits a Stickman to the comp*
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