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Hello guys! I would like to announce the fourth installment of our Server Art Contest!

This year's theme is....

In the Winter Snow

Here are some images to give you a little inspiration!

We have a couple of rules you have to follow, other than that any style is accepted as long as it is related to this years theme! (In the Winter Snow). Good Luck!

-+- Rules -+-


All artwork submitted must be original, if it is found to be copied you will receive punishments.

These rules are subject to change at any time before the cut-off date.

-+- How to Submit Artwork -+-

Hover over the "Community Art" button at the top of the website, then click on "Art Competition Submission Form" from the dropdown.

Fill out the form.


Alternatively you can click here.

-+- What do the winners get? -+-

We will be determining the top 3 art pieces submitted.

You will receive an award and a tag on the website.

You will receive a suffix on the server designating your place in the art contest. (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

Good luck guys!

Rai T Does the art have to be like.... drawn on the computer? If not then will the people that submit art on paper have a lowe...
Scar T Good luck to those who enter :d

Winter Update

Joebama Web AdminAdmin

2018 Winter/Holiday Update!

Its that time of year again! A heavy snowstorm has drifted over the Clans, and a fresh layer of snow barely below the plantlife has fallen! The Holiday Warp is also now open! Celebrate the Holiday season by giving some gifts to your friends! Lastly, the website has updated for a better winter theme! There will be another Website Update with fixed functionality things later this month! Thank you guys for continuously supporting the server, we hope you enjoy the winter update!

Server Updates

  • Layer of Snow map-wide
  • /warp Holiday is now open

Ombre f for the clans

Website Patch 2.3

Joebama Web AdminAdmin

Although small, this updated brings a lot of new features and is just stunning to look at! Thank you guys for continuously supporting the server and be on the lookout for new things coming to the server! Have a good day!

Website Patch Notes 2.3

  • Website 

Added new background image (Drawn by: SpeediestClaws)

(Temporary image has been replaced with permanent background image.)

Made everything more visible on the new background image.

  • Bug Fixes

Fixed bug where Staff List was not displaying properly (Found by: Raiolu)

There are MANY other subtle changes, but honestly there would be no reason to list them all. Thank you guys for supporting us for so long!

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