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I Messed the sign thing up

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I know I know this should be in the Support section but when I brought it up it said it didn't exists sooooooooo i'm using this. Ive tried to get a Apprentice for my Thunderclanner Frostfall but each time I post the sign up, some one takes it down. Am I just doing it wrong? I'm use to the old way is there some new way i'm missing (If so I feel so dumb right now) so can someone teach me how to do it now XD
Posted Jan 29, 17 · OP
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How to get an apprentice in any clan:

1. First, start by making a character. Done that? Great.
2. Do /warp exampleclan and turn around so that you are facing the announcements board.
3. Make sure that you have signs in your hotbar.
4. Hold sign(s?) in hand.
5. Right click, or whatever button it is that you use for 'Use Item'. This can be found in your gameplay settings.
6. Say: Mentorclaw would like an apprentice. /mail username
7. Press the Esc. key on your keyboard.
8. Admire your such gud typing 11/10 would type again.
9. Wait for them senpai notices.
10. You have an apprentice now? That's great, I'm sure Starclan is proud.

Alternative method:
1. Press talk button, it is the 'T' key by default.
2. Say: Does anyone in Rainclan need a mentor?
3. Don't actually say Rainclan.
4. Say whatever clan you're in.
5. Don't forget to use totally necessary bullets.
6. Wait for the notices and bam... APPRENTICE!

Alternative Method #2:
1. Have chat on.
2. Use totally necessary bullets.
3. Wait for someone of your applicable clan to ask for a mentor.
4. Use your super awesome sanic fast typing skills to be the first person to reply.
5. Say that you'll gladly mentor them.
6 Don't sound too desperate.
7. I mean, unless you want to...
8. If so, that's fine as well.
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Posted Jan 29, 17
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I did the sign one but i'll try the text one thxs Rainbow!
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Posted Jan 29, 17 · OP