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Website Patch 1.5

By Joebama Web AdminAdmin

Hello guys, I am back with the New Post for another website patch. We have re-organized the website in many different ways. First of all, we have sorted the website out into easier Home menu tabs. Most of the things that only relate to the server can now be found under the "Our Server" tab. Another feature in the "Our Server" tab, is the page called "The Clans". Here there are descriptions of the clans, 4K images of our clan camps, stories/quotes from elders and leaders, and different Clan related art. Go ahead and check it out! Another feature that we have created is the "Community Art Team". Here, anyone from our community can join the community lead art team. We now have a page called "Community Fanart", where you can post all the art you guys create! Certain art pieces may be used in other parts of our website, although (of course) we will ask you first. There are a couple of other small changes to the website, which you can check out for yourself. We will also begin putting easter eggs, puzzles, and other secret messages in random parts of our website as teasers for certain big events (When we are ready to)! More information will come out when the time comes :). Thank you guys for reading, and have a good day!

~ Joe

- Website Admin -

P.S. Sorry for getting the website live a little late! (34 minutes late to be exact) Some of the updates and new features I had to create/add took a LOT longer than expected!

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