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Hello guys! Its time for another update! We started this update on 8/16/17 and have just finished! Thank you guys for continuously supporting the server and be on the lookout for other updates! Have a good day!

The things in small italics are things that may be intergrated into the future. (Example text)

Website Patch Notes 2.0

  • Website Layout

Moved "Art Contest Gallery" under the "Community Art" page as a subpage.

Updated the "Staff List" page to look cleaner.

Module headers are centered and contain a different font.

Updated the hints that appear on menu button hovor.

Added a 404 Page.

Updated FAQ Page.

Updated Rules Page.

Add a custom loading screen.

Update "Our Clans" page.

  • New Pages

Created a "Member Help" menu button.

Added "Testing and Rank Expecations" page.

Added RP guidelines for each rank under "RP Help" page.

Created a random Warrior Cat name generator for all users to use under "RP Help".

Removed "Trusted/Loyal Help".

Added more test questions to "Testing and Rank Expecations" page.

  • Player Support

Add commands In-Game to submit tickets for Reports.

Add commands In-Game to submit tickets for Irregular Character Applications.

  • News

New banners for certain types of news.

Layout of Patch Updates has been updated.

Layout of Server News has been updated.

Layout for Major Announcemnents has been updated.

  • Website Awards and Tags

Update tags to add new Dedicated rank.

Update awards to add new Dedicated rank.

Updated yearly membership awards to add more years.

Update Art Competition awards to add more years.

  • Enjin Mobile

Create a server Showcase image to display on the enjin mobile site.

  • Website Staff

The website staff team has been refined and some users have been demoted due to inactivity on the server.

Leadership Team has been removed due to lack of a real position, there was no purpose for this rank as all users should be a leader and be of examples to others.

Qualifying Leadership Team users have been mailed about a possible chance to apply to become apart of a higher team.

Community Management and Forum Moderators have a real role and will be trained on their new job and how to use the website.

Quality Assurance now has a role for server events and website updates.

Player Support role will be open for applications and will be available to Loyal+

Event Administators will now be the only staff members (current/retired) to finalize and plan server events, as well as create teasers and announcements on the website.

Server prefixes that display {WebTeam} will be removed from all users, these tags will now only be added to those who are Community Management + (under request).

Big thanks to Lily, Speed, and Moosh for helping with me with art for this update!

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