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Hello guys! Our map was updated! Thank you guys for continuously supporting the server and be on the lookout for other updates on the website, including new art! Have a good day!

Server Update

  • IP and Connecting

We appologize for the connection issues most players had during the first day of the map release. Hopefully our connection is stable, and you should be able to join!

You can now connect to the server with ANY of the following IP addresses:

  • New Clans

Four new main Clans:

   - GladeClan   (&2)

   - CavernClan   (&e)

   - ReedClan   (&9)

   - DustClan   (&e)

New special Clan:

   - TempestClan   (&f)

New Gangs:

   - The Glistening Claws (&0_&4Name&0_)

   - The Glaring Eyes   (&4_&0Name&4_)

Some clans remain:

(With a new color code!)

   - BeachClan   (&6)

(With a new warp/roleplay area!)

   - StarClan   (&7)

   - Dark Forest   (&c)

  • Warps

New Twolegplace, called Rune Beach!

New Gangs area, called Black Valley!

New gathering place for BeachClan and TempestClan!

New gathering place for the four main Clans!

New Dark Forest Camp/Main area!

New StarClan clan favored areas! (The parts of StarClan, like territories, are liked by each Clan, but they do not enforce border rules)

New Mooncavern!

New area in StarClan for giving lives to leaders!

  • Events

There will now be a gathering for BeachClan and TempestClan directly after the main gathering takes place! (BC is Trusted+, Tempest is Dedicated+ to participate)

Medicine cats will have a short gathering and travel to the moonstone every odd Saturday! (Only medicine cats and medicine cat apprentices will be allowed to participate)

  • Rules

Some new rules have been added, make sure to check them out in spawn or on the Rules page of the website!

  • Mid-Map Updates (During the last map)

A new rank, Dedicated, has been added between Trusted and Loyal!

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