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Hello guys! Our server has updated to the latest version of Minecraft, Minecraft version 1.13! Thank you guys for continuously supporting the server and be on the lookout for updates coming to the website!

Server Update

  • Server Version

We have updated the server version to the latest version of Minecraft.

You can now connect using Minecraft version 1.13, "Update Aquatic"!

  • Commands/Spawn

Since the update build for 1.13 we are currently running on the server is new, there MAY be bugs and broken commands that you find. In order to help us fix these bugs please report them here.

Already known bugs:

  • /Spawn does not work, instead please use /warp Spawn to get to the spawn location. You will still respawn at spawn after death.

  • IP and Connecting

We are aware of a problem when connecting to the following IP addresses:

We are working on a fix.

In the mean time you can still connect to the server via the IP:

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