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The Announcement: This week is Rank Appreciation Week! For this week, and possibly two weeks, a new warp (/warp Festival) is open for everyone and players will be allowed to rp any roleplay on the server! There are also 5 minigames that will be released each day. Tomorrow's minigame is the Roleplayer Race (A boat race) and the other minigames are posted on the side of the message board at the new warp. Characters made during this week are temporary, and any roles you might give them this week (ex. making a loner and gang cat) will have to be reverted back to their original role at the end of the week. Just to be clear: A roleplayer could rp the same thing as a trusted, dedi, or loyal right now, HOWEVER that does not mean they get unlimited chars or irregular slots. It is still one char per rp.  The second announcement is still scheduled for Monday November 5th at 8 EST :)

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