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Hello guys! Its time for another update! Obviously this isn't the largest website patch, but we packed it full of usefull and interesting updates! Thank you guys for continuously supporting the server and be on the lookout for new things coming to the server! Have a good day!

Website Patch Notes 2.2

  • Rules and Legal

Updated and Added Rules to "Website Rules" section

Updated Rules in "Server Rules" section

Updated Terms of Service document

Updated Privacy Policy document

  • Page Updates

Moved "Applications" under "Our Server"

Added link to Discord on menu bar

Updated "Events" page

Updated screenshots on "Our Server Clans" page

Updated "RP Help" page to add more tools and update Clan information

Updated "Irregularity Applications" to have more detailed questions

Removed "Trusted Suggestions"

Added "Rankup Suggestions"

Updated "Reports" to include option to upload screenshots

Updated "Staff List" page

Updated "Website Staff List" page

  • Forum Updates

Updated Forum Tags

Updated Forum Icons

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