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2018 Art Competition Winners!

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Thanks to everyone who entered into this year's art competition. Us staff and select judges have came to a decision as to the winner. But before I announced this years winners, I would like to extend a thank you to each and every person who took time to draw and submit a piece for the contest. Now, without further ado, here are this years winners!

3rd: Kioniix

2nd: RileyThomasMoore

And last but not least, our winner for the 2018 Pawstep Pathway Art Competition...

1st: Tokaliz

Thanks again to all those who entered drawings into this year's art competition! Hope to see you all again next your for the 2019 Pawstep Pathway Art Competition!

Labby D Congrats! this is late
Semi Owner I'll be giving out the tags whenever I catch you guys online
rosa106 L Congratulations Guys!

2018 Art Competition!

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We are extending the deadline for the Art Competition to May 15th, if you would like me to unsubmit your application so you can work on your submission, mail me on the server (/mail Joebama). Good luck to all!

Hello guys! I would like to announce the THIRD installment of our Server Art Contest!

This year's theme is....

Under the Moonlight!

Here are some images to give you a little insperation!

We have a couple of rules you have to follow, other than that any style is accepted as long as it is related to this years theme! (What Happens under the Moonlight). Good Luck!

-+- Rules -+-


All artwork submitted must be original, if it is found to be copied you will receive punishments.

These rules are subject to change at any time before the cut-off date.

-+- How to Submit Artwork -+-

Hover over the "Community Art" button at the top of the website, then click on "Art Compeition Submission Form" from the dropdown.

Fill out the form.


Alternatively you can click here.

-+- What do the winners get? -+-

We will be determining the top 3 art pieces submitted.

You will receive an award and a tag on the website.

You MIGHT receive a suffix on the server designating your place in the art contest. (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

Good luck guys!


- Website Admin -

~ Administator ~

Lemons&Limes Can draw our character and their crush/mate as long as it is ok with the other rper? Thanks! -Honey


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