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Hello guys! Its time for another update! Obviously this isn't the largest website patch, but we packed it full of usefull and interesting updates! Thank you guys for continuously supporting the server and be on the lookout for new things coming to the server! Have a good day!

Website Patch Notes 2.2

  • Rules and Legal

Updated and Added Rules to "Website Rules" section

Updated Rules in "Server Rules" section

Updated Terms of Service document

Updated Privacy Policy document

  • Page Updates

Moved "Applications" under "Our Server"

Added link to Discord on menu bar

Updated "Events" page

Updated screenshots on "Our Server Clans" page

Updated "RP Help" page to add more tools and update Clan information

Updated "Irregularity Applications" to have more detailed questions

Removed "Trusted Suggestions"

Added "Rankup Suggestions"

Updated "Reports" to include option to upload screenshots

Updated "Staff List" page

Updated "Website Staff List" page

  • Forum Updates

Updated Forum Tags

Updated Forum Icons

Sci_Fi31 Head Mod Thank you Joe, very cool

The Announcement: This week is Rank Appreciation Week! For this week, and possibly two weeks, a new warp (/warp Festival) is open for everyone and players will be allowed to rp any roleplay on the server! There are also 5 minigames that will be released each day. Tomorrow's minigame is the Roleplayer Race (A boat race) and the other minigames are posted on the side of the message board at the new warp. Characters made during this week are temporary, and any roles you might give them this week (ex. making a loner and gang cat) will have to be reverted back to their original role at the end of the week. Just to be clear: A roleplayer could rp the same thing as a trusted, dedi, or loyal right now, HOWEVER that does not mean they get unlimited chars or irregular slots. It is still one char per rp.  The second announcement is still scheduled for Monday November 5th at 8 EST :)

Rai T owo spooky... a mYsTeRy :d


Right now we are trying to figure out how to get the server back up. It might be corrupted, so due to that the announcement will be on Sunday the 4th of November. The announcement will be posted on the website, discord, and on the server. There will also be a special announcement (separate from the announcement on Sunday) that will be put out on Monday the 5th of November, at 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. For those who aren't in Eastern Standard Time, the conversion would be 7:00 pm Central Standard Time, 6:00 pm Mountain Standard Time, and 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time.

~If you miss the special announcement on Monday, don't worry, it will be said again at a later date~

Scar T if the server dies again and this is postponed again i will flip
kaden good luck!! unfortunately i wont be on sunday since i have a musical iim going to !!
Con ack thats 1am for me
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