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Hello guys! Its time for another update! We started this update on 7/25/18 and recently completed all of the elements. Thank you guys for continuously supporting the server and be on the lookout for new things coming to the server! Have a good day!

In other news we have figured out the probem with our other IP's not working. You can now once again connect using any of the following IP's.

The things in small italics are things that may be intergrated into the future. (Example text)

Website Patch Notes 2.1

  • Website Security

I am happy to announce that our website is now 100% SSL Certified and completely secure. Your personal information such as passwords, personal data, and payment info is now secured through SSL encryption. To see and verify our new level of security you can look up to the address bar to see a green padlock with the words Secure next to it.

  • Website Layout

Moved "Member Help" to "Our Server".

Added "Login/Register" option to the top menu bar.

Updated the hints that appear on menu button hovor.

Updated "FAQ" page.

Updated "Rules" page.

Updated "Our Clans" page.

Updated "Testing and Rank Expectations" page.

Updated "Trusted Suggestions" to be "Rankup Suggestions".

Updated front page to be more user friendly.

Added "Questions" dropdown under "Support".

Update "Events" page.

  • New Pages

Created "Rankup Suggestions".

  • Forum Updates

Moved around some forum topics.

Added custom signatures to all staff members to help users with common navigation.

Added more topics that redirect to other parts of the website.

Added redirect for "Warrior Cat Name Generator".

Added redirect for "RP Help".

Updated section "In-Game Information".

Added section "Rules and Legal".

Added section "Support".

Updated "Rules" to redirect to "Rules" page.

Added "Forum & Chat Guidelines" to redirect to "Rules" page.

Added "Terms of Service" to redirect to "Rules" page.

Added "Report a User" to redirect to "Reports" page.

Added "Submit a Ban Appeal" to redirect to "Ban Appeals" page.

Added "Report a Bug (Website)" to redirect to "Reports" page.

Added "Report a Bug (Server)" to redirect to "Reports" page.

Updated "Clan Screenshots".

Updated "The Clans" to redirect to "Our Server Clans" page

Sci_Fi31 Head Mod Oh, this. This is beautiful.

Website Patch 1.6

Joebama Web AdminAdmin$  -  Website Patch

Hello guys! Its time for another update! We started this update on 2/13/17 and have just finished! There will be a couple of smaller updates that will be edited into this post when finished. Thank you guys for continuously supporting the server and be on the lookout for the other updates! Have a good day! ~ Joe

Things in small italics are things that may be integrated into the future. (Example text)

Website Patch Notes 1.6 

  • Website Layout

Changed the website layout a little. Extra modules have been cleaned up and navigation made easier. Pages such as the Community Art page now links directly to the forum so you can post/look at the amazing art immediately. 

  • Player Support

Changed the process of submitting Ban Appeals, Reports, and How you Report Bugs. There is now a single ticket system in which you answer the questions and submit a ticket for Ban Appeals. After submitting the ticket the staff will directly get a message, hopefully leading to the quicker processing time of Ban Appeals and Reports.

Added more integration and support between the Website and Layout

Possibly add commands In-Game commands to submit tickets for Reports

  • Irregular Character Applications

The system for submitting the Irregular Character Applications have been once again changed. You now submit tickets with certain questions about what you are applying for. This will also directly alert the staff about your application after you submit it, hopefully reducing the wait time of applications.

Possibly add a command In-Game to submit tickets for Irregular Character Applications

  • Server and Website Integration

Add commands In-Game for reports and applications

Add a module that shows the online users on the server from the website

Add a module that shows the top online users on the server monthly

Website Patch 1.5

Joebama Web AdminAdmin$  -  Website Patch

Hello guys, I am back with the New Post for another website patch. We have re-organized the website in many different ways. First of all, we have sorted the website out into easier Home menu tabs. Most of the things that only relate to the server can now be found under the "Our Server" tab. Another feature in the "Our Server" tab, is the page called "The Clans". Here there are descriptions of the clans, 4K images of our clan camps, stories/quotes from elders and leaders, and different Clan related art. Go ahead and check it out! Another feature that we have created is the "Community Art Team". Here, anyone from our community can join the community lead art team. We now have a page called "Community Fanart", where you can post all the art you guys create! Certain art pieces may be used in other parts of our website, although (of course) we will ask you first. There are a couple of other small changes to the website, which you can check out for yourself. We will also begin putting easter eggs, puzzles, and other secret messages in random parts of our website as teasers for certain big events (When we are ready to)! More information will come out when the time comes :). Thank you guys for reading, and have a good day!

~ Joe

- Website Admin -

P.S. Sorry for getting the website live a little late! (34 minutes late to be exact) Some of the updates and new features I had to create/add took a LOT longer than expected!

PiggEHheuHE L This was a long time ago but could I possibly get a loyal tag whenever you can? Thanks.
ZombieFruit T It looks great! Also can I get a trusted tag please?
polishorr It's looking great! Thanks, Joe and others who helped with this patch!
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